Plastic net cover
Workpiece protective net cover
Protective net cover for wine bottle
Fruit bag
Toy bag
Flat bag
Label bag
[网络] filter fabric
Concentrated water network

      JOULEN Package CO,.LTD is a Chinese company locating in the beautiful Suzhou city where is the famous China-Singapore Industrial park. Suzhou is in west of Shanghai about 80km away. so JOUILEN enjoys superior location and convenient transportation . JOULEN is set up in 1992 and is the leader in the plastic area all over the country. It is special in producing all kinds of net bags, protect net, net button and so on. Its belief is the customer is the god and its base characters are perfect technology, honest services and developed machines .So its various of products of different scale or different materials used in package of the hardware machinery industry, the agricultural and sideline the food industry, the aquaculture, the daily-use products electronic industry, toy industry and etc. are popular to and praised by lots of companies in CHINA and many other foreign countries.